Special Education

Tom Wilcox (TWilcox@psusd.us)
Co Department Chair, Life Skills, English, History, Job Prep

Lisa Baker (LBaker@psusd.us)
Co Department Chair,  English I SDC/RSP, English III SDC/RSP and Study Skills

Philip Carlton (PCarlton@psusd.us)
Integrated Math I and II

Wayne Cruver (wcruver@psusd.us)
Life Skills, Math, English, Science, Job Prep

Noel Gamel (NGamel@psusd.us)

Lisa Green (LGreen@psusd.us)
Life Skills, English, History, Job Prep

Denise Holsapple (DHolsapple@psusd.us)
Life Skills, Math, Science, Job Prep

Jeff Lange (JLange@psusd.us)
World History, US History, Civics/Economics

Rachel Love (RLove@psusd.us)

Rick Ryder (RRyder@psusd.us)
English II, IV and Study Skills 11/12

Dean Troup (DTroup@psusd.us)

Rob Walters (RWalters@psusd.us)

Michael White (MWhite@psusd.us)
Study Skills 9/10, Biology, Environmental Science and Focus on Success

Important Information

Lesa Lorraine School Psychologist (llorraine@psusd.us)   (760) 770-0100 ex. 125