Patricia Rawlings prawlings@psusd.us
Department Chair, English I HEAL, English II HEAL, ERWC HEAL,  English II HEAL Honors

Carey Lew clew@psusd.us
English III, English III HEAL, IB English HL 1,

Nancy Blair nblair@psusd.us
English II DATE, English III DATA, ERWC, ERWC DATA, English II DATA Honors,

Maria Camacho mcamacho@psusd.us
English I, English II, English II Honors

Lucinda Gardner llgardner@psusd.us
English I, English I Honors

Jahna Hawkins jhawkins@psusd.us

Mary Jarsma mjarsma@psusd.us
English III, AP English

Steve Lake slake@psusd.us
English Edgenuity

Marcela Nevarez mnevarez@psusd.us
ERWC, IB English HL 2 ,  Yearbook

Diane Roth Kingery dkingery@psusd.us
English I, English II College Prep

Smith-Wines, Tammy tsmith-wines@psusd.us
English I, English II

Important Information

College and career readiness for all of our students continues in the English Language Arts Department with a clearer focus on the SBAC claims and targets of the Common Core State Standards. A 21st century approach to classroom technology also highlights our college and career readiness curriculum using Chrome Books, Google Classroom, NEWSELA, Digital Storytelling, as well as platforms including digital chalkboards, SmartBoards, Evernote, and Edmoto.