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About Cathedral City High School

Mission Statement

Cathedral City High School, in partnership with parents and community members, is dedicated to providing an educational experience that guides students toward successful, fulfilling lives as responsible, productive, and global citizens.  Students are expected to acquire academic, artistic, athletic, and technical skills in preparation for college and careers.  A culture of health-consciousness and ethical behaviors is fostered by the school. The CCHS community values diversity and offers the training and experience that expands students’ awareness to include an appreciation and acceptance of practices and points of view found in other parts of the world.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Graduating Lions are prepared to:

Further their education:

All students have the ability to:

  • read, write, listen, speak , and communicate effectively
  • solve mathematical problems accurately

Use current technology.

All students can:

  • correctly use computers and adapt to current technologies
  • find, evaluate, and use a variety of software applications
  • safely use the Internet and other sources to communicate globally

Enter the world of work and careers.

All students:

  • understand the importance of proper work ethics and habits
  • know how to seek and secure employment, and conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • demonstrate positive attitudes and global citizenship
  • Live in a society of diverse cultures and customs.

All students:

  • respect diversity
  • appreciate the art and music of the global community
  • value the history of their own culture and the cultures of others

 Critical Learner Needs

1. All student groups need to improve in the areas of both reading and writing to enable them to read closely   and critically, and comprehend a range of complex literary and informational texts, and write skillfully.

2. All student groups need to use critical thinking skills (including reasoning qualitatively and quantitatively), and solve problems in conventional and innovative ways across all curricular areas and in life.